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avatar for Walter Balazic

Walter Balazic

Littlefield Systems, LLC
System Admin/Owner
avatar for Lynne Berrett

Lynne Berrett

Ageless Mind Project
avatar for Cinder Biscuits

Cinder Biscuits

Ultimate Gaming Europe, AB
avatar for Mic Bowman

Mic Bowman

Intel Labs
Planning Committee
avatar for Vitaly Chashin

Vitaly Chashin

Technical Director
avatar for Sally S. Cherry

Sally S. Cherry

Cherry Consulting Network
STI Laboratory/Social Media Consultant
avatar for Justin Clark-Casey

Justin Clark-Casey

Overte Foundation
avatar for David Cranmer

David Cranmer

Ventoux Learning Network
avatar for Myron Curtis

Myron Curtis

Virtual Worlds Grid, and A Dimension Beyond
founder and developer of Virtual Worlds Grid
avatar for David Deeds

David Deeds

Yew Wah International Education School
Technology Integrator
avatar for Thirza Ember

Thirza Ember

HG Safari
avatar for Liru Faers

Liru Faers

Singularity Viewer
LSL Bridge
avatar for Stephen Gasior

Stephen Gasior

Ball State University
Biology Instructor
avatar for Mary Howard

Mary Howard

Veronica E. Connor Middle School
avatar for James Hughes

James Hughes

BlueWall Information Technologies, LLC
avatar for Michael Cerquoni / Nebadon Izumi

Michael Cerquoni / Nebadon Izumi

OpenSimulator Core Developer
OSCC Planning Committee
avatar for Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov

Hypergrid Business
avatar for John  Lester

John Lester

Immersive Learning and Virtual Worlds/VR/AR Designer
avatar for Crista Lopes

Crista Lopes

University of California, Irvine
avatar for Jessica Lyon

Jessica Lyon

Firestorm Viewer
avatar for Nara Malone

Nara Malone

Greyville Writer's Colony
avatar for Kevin McCabe

Kevin McCabe

George Mason University
Professor of Economics, Law, and Neuroscience
avatar for Kay McLennan

Kay McLennan

Tulane University
Professor of Practice
avatar for Melanie Milland

Melanie Milland

avatar for Jacki Morie

Jacki Morie

Virtual Environment Pioneer
avatar for Larysa Naldony

Larysa Naldony

Iowa State University
Assistant Professor
avatar for Ramesh Ramloll

Ramesh Ramloll

DeepSemaphore LLC
avatar for Kimberly Rufer-Bach

Kimberly Rufer-Bach

The Magicians
Owner, Designer, and Producer
avatar for Lorenzo Soccavo

Lorenzo Soccavo

P.L.E. [Prospective du Livre]
futurist researcher
avatar for Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas

University of Central Lancashire
Professor of Higher Education and Online Learning
avatar for Ilan Tochner

Ilan Tochner

Co-Founder and CEO
avatar for Rachel Umoren

Rachel Umoren

University of Washington
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
avatar for Andrew Wheelock

Andrew Wheelock

Erie ! BOCES
Technology Coordinator
avatar for BellaLuna X

BellaLuna X

Metaverse Productions
avatar for Dancers Yao

Dancers Yao

Elder Voices, Inc
avatar for Karen Zastudil

Karen Zastudil